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"Which Cities Have the Most ‘Honest’ Residents?"

Helsinki, Finland, was found to be the most honest city internationally, according to a “lost wallet” experiment conducted globally by Reader’s Digest. 

Reader’s Digest reporters purposely lost 192 wallets within 16 cities internationally, containing a cellphone number, a family photo, coupons, business cards, and the equivalent of $50. The reporters then tested to see which cities’ residents were more likely to return the wallet versus keep it. 

The following are the top 5 “most honest” cities, according to the Reader’s Digest experiment: 

1. Helsinki, Finland Wallets returned: 11 out of 12

2. Mumbai, India Wallets returned: 9 out of 12

3. New York City and Budapest, Hungary Wallets returned: 8 out of 12

4. Moscow, Russia and Amsterdam, the Netherlands Wallets returned: 7 out of 12

5. Berlin, Germany Wallets returned: 6 out of 12

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